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With over 30 years in the chemical business, Troy has the manufacturing experience combined with the right people to deliver you the very best in chemical problem solving.

Offering savings below single source contracts and corporate deals, but still offering the best in full service!

Thank you for taking the time to check out Troy Paper Chemicals. Troy has been in business for 41 years, supplying a diverse manufacturing market which has included the paper industry. Troy formed a paper specific division (Troy Paper Chemicals) to allow us to focus on the complex issues associated with the specialty chemicals in the pulp and paper industry.

Over the last several years, the paper industry has seen tremendous changes in both the number of manufacturers and the amount of business that is now being produced overseas. As a result of the changes in this market, the industry has had to change to be competitive. Whether it is streamlining their operation or seeking new products to fill out production, the company you are working for today is not the same as 10 years ago.

Troy Paper Chemicals is focused on serving and supplying in these new times. We employ some of the best paper people in the chemical industry. Our focus is not only on the chemicals, but on how we can help the machine run better. Running better is either more tons, or cheaper tons – this depends on YOUR needs.

Cost reduction is our business. Just as you have done streamlining, we at Troy Paper Chemicals have done the same. By reducing overhead and outsourcing where applicable, we are able to offer a complete product line at considerable cost savings as compared to the old time suppliers.

Service is not an area that has been reduced. Troy Paper Chemicals recognizes the difference that a competent chemical sales representative can make in the operation of a world class paper company, and this is an area in which we will not compromise. Our on site personnel will conduct inventory control, equipment upkeep, machine surveys, and/or any other service needed by the mill to support our chemical programs.

Testing is part of our program. Routine testing to support a chemical program is part of our pricing. We have a comprehensive lab facility that is capable of performing paper standard testing, as well as microbiological testing, felt analysis, deposit analysis, etc.

Equipment is included. Troy’s chemical pricing includes the equipment necessary to deliver the chemical reliably and consistently to your processes.

We at Troy Paper Chemicals understand that many of you have already reduced your chemical costs through contracts, bulk buying, etc., but let us have a look at your facility and you might get a nice surprise.

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